Leading Golf Clubs Germany
Guest regulations

Playing options on “red/yellow/blue” are available depending on the club ID card presented:


  DGV-ID card "R/vS" Other DGV-ID cards
VcG-ID cards
Guest of a member

Mon - Thurs + Fri:
until 10:00
not on public holidays

not on public holidays
Course Red/Yellow/Blue Red/Yellow/Blue: "Twilight" Red/Yellow/Blue
Original handicap -36 -36 Recognised licence to play on a German course
Limitations 10x/year 5x/year
at reduced fee 
as guest at reduced fee
Green fees
Table of prices Table of prices Table of prices
Booking recommended recommended recommended

Notes for members

Members of Frankfurt, Hanau, Kronberg, Spessart golf clubs:
• The limitation to 10x/year does not apply. • A limited number of weekend start times are possible after pre-booking
Foreign club ID cards:
• The correlation of foreign ID cards with the above ID categories is at the discretion of the club manager