Leading Golf Clubs Germany



Clothing should be appropriate for the sport of golf. The following items of clothing are not regarded as appropriate golf clothing:

Ordinary blue jeans
T-shirts and sweatshirts without collars or sleeves
Jogging and training outfits
Short tracksuit bottoms

Shirts should be tucked into trousers. You should not visit the restaurant or terrace in very sweaty or dirty clothing.

Golf Club Members

Please follow the instructions of our staff, particularly the staff used for course control.
Please do not directly criticise our staff. Please direct any complaints in writing to the manager's office.

Private tournaments and events in the club house

Please direct applications for reservation of rooms for private functions or private competitions in writing to the club manager in good time.

Children under 12 years of age

Children under 12 should not be in the club house unsupervised. They should certainly not be left alone in the club house while their parents are playing golf or on the practice ground. Children under 12 should primarily participate in children’s competitions.


Dogs are only allowed on the club terrace on a lead.

Practice balls

Practice balls are only allowed on the driving range. Playing on the courses, including the short course, with practice balls is not allowed.

Pace of play

Please play at a good pace. As a rule, 2 h 20 m should be allowed for a foursome for 9 holes. A following faster group should be allowed through, if you are not keeping up with the previous group or if the next fairway is clear.

Pitch marks

Generally patch up pitch marks carefully on the greens. Place pieces of turf back after each shot and press them down. On the tees, please fill holes in the turf with sand and lawn seed from the green tee boxes.